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DigiBooster 3 is a music tracker. Its history has roots in ancient times of Amiga. Amiga was the first popular computer having stereo PCM audio output. Then it had a potential to be used as a device for making music. This potential has been fully exploited. The Ultimate Soundtracker was the first in 1987. NoiseTracker was the second in 1989. ProTracker had beat'em up in 1991. Amiga was getting faster processors. Multichannel software mixing was a logical step forward. Tomasz and Waldemar Piasta have done this step in 1998 creating DigiBooster Pro 2. It has been later bought by APC&TCP. Development stalled after version 2.21, but has been ressurected in 2007 by APC&TCP in cooperation with Grzegorz Kraszewski. It has been decided that DigiBooster 3 will be rewritten from scratch in C. Now, after 4 years of development, DigiBooster 3 reached public beta stage.
DigiBooster 3 runs on three operating systems:
MorphOSMorphOS (PowerPC)
AmigaOS 4AmigaOS 4 (PowerPC)
AmigaOS 3AmigaOS 3 (M68k)

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